Children’s green frog shaped PVC poncho

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This raincoat is made of PVC material. The size is 89cm wide and 58cm long. The color and logo can be customized and printed. This raincoat is soft, light, waterproof, wind-proof, wear-resistant, heat-resistant, cold-resistant, comfortable and not stuffy. It adopts advanced machine printing technology, without fading and poor printing quality.

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Beautiful and lovely frog pattern design, bright colors and styles can win children's love.
The raincoat is also equipped with a waterproof storage bag, which is convenient and easy to store. After drying when not in use, it can be folded into the storage bag, which is compact and does not occupy a lot of space.


Q:Does your company charge for the tooling? How much is it? Is it refundable? How do I get it back?
A:We will charge the sample fee according to the customer's requirements, but we can refund the sample fee if the order reaches 3,000 pieces for each product.

Q:What environmental indicators have your products passed?
A:Our company's products can reach 6P, 7P, 10P export EU environmental protection standards and can pass the relevant tests.

Q:Which customers have your company passed the factory inspection?
A:Our company has passed the BSCI factory inspection certification

Q:What is the yield rate of your products? How was it achieved?
A:Our company's product yield is 99%. The company uses the most advanced machines for production and the production staff are veterans with more than 10 years of experience, so the yield is very high.

Q:What are the specific categories of your products?
A:Our company mainly produces raincoats, ponchos, suits, aprons, painting clothes, various styles, but also according to customer requirements design customized.

Q:Which people and markets are your products suitable for?
A:Our company produces a wide range of products in adult and children's models. Whenever it rains, you can wear the raincoat produced by our company to travel. Raincoats greatly reduce the obstacles to outdoor travel and make people's travel more convenient.

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