Customized environmental protection waterproof PVC adult poncho

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This raincoat is made of PVC, with a size of 50X80 inches. The logo and color can be customized. This raincoat is yellow and bright in color. It can warn pedestrians on the road in a heavy thunderstorm.

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This raincoat is very light. It can be carried with you. It is very simple to wear. It is the best choice for traveling。Our factory has been engaged in raincoat production and operation for 20 years, has a professional technical team, and has won the unanimous praise of customers in terms of product quality and production efficiency.


Q:How long is the life cycle of your products?
A:The use and preservation of raincoats are also very delicate. After we take off the raincoat, gently shake off the water stains on the raincoat and put it in a ventilated place to dry. If there are stains, you can wipe them off with paper towels. It is strictly forbidden to use washing machines, irons and raincoats next to the fireplace. These are not conducive to the preservation of the raincoat.

Q:What are the specific categories of your products?
A:Our company mainly produces raincoats, ponchos, suits, aprons, painting clothes, various styles, but also according to customer requirements design customized.

Q:What are the acceptable payment methods for your company?
A:In accordance with the payment method agreed in the contract, we will perform timely reconciliation, follow up on invoices, and handle payment acceptance procedures.

Q:Which people and markets are your products suitable for?
A:Our company produces a wide range of products in adult and children's models. Whenever it rains, you can wear the raincoat produced by our company to travel. Raincoats greatly reduce the obstacles to outdoor travel and make people's travel more convenient.

Q:Do your products have a cost-performance advantage and what are the details?
A:Our company's products have a great advantage in terms of cost performance. We have our own factory to produce products, with more than 20 years of production experience, with the advantage of large-scale production, no middlemen to earn the price difference, small profits but fast turnover, to give customers the most satisfactory product quality and mutually satisfactory prices.

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