Factory customized new children’s EVA raincoat

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This raincoat is made of PVC material, size is S / M / L / XL, color and logo can be customized and printed. The raincoat has good softness, low temperature resistance, good gloss, good anti-aging and ozone resistance, non-toxic and environmental protection, and adopts advanced machine printing technology, without fading and poor printing quality.

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The raincoat not only has better waterproof performance, but also has better breathability. The whole raincoat adopts advanced breathable design, so there is no longer the feeling of being stuffed into the raincoat.Cute cartoon design and bright colors can win children's love.


Q:Can your products be customized with your logo?
A:Our company can produce a large number of wholesale products, so not only LOGO, but also colors and product styles can be customized according to customers' needs.

Q:How are your products composed? What specific materials are available?
A:Our company mainly produces raincoats made of PVC, EVA, PEVA and TPU, and we can develop more quality styles according to customer requirements.
Q:Which customers have your company passed the factory inspection?
A:Our company has passed the BSCI factory inspection certification

Q:What are the specific categories of your products?
A:Our company mainly produces raincoats, ponchos, suits, aprons, painting clothes, various styles, but also according to customer requirements design customized.

Q:Do your products have a cost-performance advantage and what are the details?
A:Our company's products have a great advantage in terms of cost performance. We have our own factory to produce products, with more than 20 years of production experience, with the advantage of large-scale production, no middlemen to earn the price difference, small profits but fast turnover, to give customers the most satisfactory product quality and mutually satisfactory prices.

Q:What are the acceptable payment methods for your company?
A:In accordance with the payment method agreed in the contract, we will perform timely reconciliation, follow up on invoices, and handle payment acceptance procedures.

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