Factory customized PEVA ponchos printed in various styles

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This raincoat has good elasticity, novel style, soft texture, high strength and good toughness. No peculiar smell, wear resistance, tear resistance, cold resistance and warmth preservation. Built-in large pocket makes it easy to store and place some personal belongings. The fabric has excellent waterproof, breathability and windproof and thermal insulation.

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It not only has excellent performance, but also has the advantages of wide application range, flexible design and less pollution. Our factory produces raincoats of various styles and colors, which can meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent. The top-down embedded steel wire rope can control the size of the brim, which can prevent the rain from flowing into the raincoat along the head and wetting the clothes. It can also prevent rain from blocking the view and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. The raincoat not only makes people feel convenient when using, but also makes people more comfortable when using, increases the service life of the raincoat, and reduces the waste of resources and unnecessary expenses. This raincoat adopts waterproof design. With a gentle shake, the rain can be completely shaken off and will not penetrate into the inner layer, greatly enhancing the practicability of the raincoat.


Q:What is the production process of your company?
A:The production process of our products: cutting - hot pressing - sewing - buttoning - inspection - folding and packing - into boxes, to provide customers with higher quality products

Q:How long is the normal delivery time for your products?
A:Our company will deliver products in the fastest and highest quality according to the style requirements of our customers' products.

Q:What is your quality process?
A:Provision of pre-production samples prior to mass production.
Final inspection prior to shipment.

Q:What is the yield rate of your products? How was it achieved?
A:Our company's product yield is 99%. The company uses the most advanced machines for production and the production staff are veterans with more than 10 years of experience, so the yield is very high.

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