Factory wholesale customized environmental protection PVC raincoat

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This raincoat is made of PVC material, the size is 127X101cm。The PVC material is soft and comfortable, environmentally friendly, tasteless, durable, and can be worn all over the body. Face protection, arm protection, leg protection can be carried out, using the latest environmentally friendly materials. It can be worn while riding a bicycle, while riding a scooter, also while hiking, and when carrying a backpack.

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The environmentally friendly PVC fabric has no peculiar smell, and four kinds of protective technology fabrics are cold-proof, wind-proof, waterproof, and anti-fouling. You are not afraid that your clothes will get wet when you travel in a rainstorm, and the dirty stains are easier to clean. Waterproof and non-leakage, stains can be wiped off immediately, one piece of clothing can be reused many times, compared with zipper raincoats, this raincoat has no seams, does not leak when it rains, and is more waterproof when riding in the rain. Skin-friendly and environmentally friendly PVC fabric, soft and comfortable against wind and snow, not stiff in winter, and can be worn in all seasons. The raincoat can be folded and stored when not being worn, making it light and easy to carry.


Q:Which customers have your company passed the factory inspection?
A:Our company has passed the BSCI factory inspection certification

Q:What is your company's procurement system like?
A:1. Planning management: organizing and implementing market research, purchasing according to the company's needs, and improving production efficiency.
2. Contract management: standardize procurement management, establish contract files, and track contract execution.
3.Order management: standardize order management, establish order files, and track the completion rate of order execution.
4. Procurement delivery: track the delivery date of suppliers and the actual production delivery progress, which must ensure the quality and delivery time.

Q:What are the criteria of your company's suppliers?
A:1. Suppliers are financially stable
2. Good internal organization and management of suppliers
3. Stable supplier employee status
4. Timeliness of supplier's delivery
5. Is the cost price level low?
6. Is the product quality appropriate

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