Fashion and environmental protection PVC adult poncho

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This poncho is made of PVC material, which is soft, comfortable, environmentally friendly, tasteless and durable. The poncho is 127cm wide, 102cm long, and has a variety of printing colors. The pullover design can be easily put on and off.

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The poncho is made of high-quality waterproof material, which is waterproof and tight, cold, wind, water and dirt resistant. It is of good quality and durable, and can be used repeatedly. The style, color and printing of the poncho can be customized according to your requirements to meet any needs.


Q:Who are the staff of your R&D department? What are the working qualifications of each of them?
A:We have 5 people in our R&D department, all of whom have been with the company for 20 years and have very rich experience in product design and processing.

Q:What is the idea of your product development?
A:We choose the most advanced and environmentally friendly raw materials, keep pace with the times, keep up with the times, investigate the elements that today's people like, design patterns, and print them on raincoats to attract customers.

Q:Can your products be customized with your logo?
A:Our company can produce a large number of wholesale products, so not only LOGO, but also colors and product styles can be customized according to customers' needs.

Q:How are your products composed? What specific materials are available?
A:Our company mainly produces raincoats made of PVC, EVA, PEVA and TPU, and we can develop more quality styles according to customer requirements.

Q:Does your company charge for the tooling? How much is it? Is it refundable? How do I get it back?
A:We will charge the sample fee according to the customer's requirements, but we can refund the sample fee if the order reaches 3,000 pieces for each product.

Q:What environmental indicators have your products passed?
A:Our company's products can reach 6P, 7P, 10P export EU environmental protection standards and can pass the relevant tests.

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