• Caring and Maintenance for Raincoat

    Caring and Maintenance for Raincoat

    On rainy days, many people like to wear the plastic raincoat to go out, especially during riding a bike, the plastic raincoat is essential to protect people from the wind and rain. However, when it turns sunny, how to care the plastic raincoat, so that it can be worn for...
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  • Origin of Raincoat

    Origin of Raincoat

    Raincoat originated in China. During the Zhou Dynasty, people used the herb “ficus pumila” to make raincoats to protect against rain, snow, wind and sun. Such kind of raincoat is usually called “coir raincoat”. The outdated rain gear has completely disappeared in the con...
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  • COVID-19 Pandemic Outbreak in 2020

    COVID-19 Pandemic Outbreak in 2020

    At the beginning of 2020, people in China should have had a lively Spring Festival, but due to the invasion of the COVID-19 virus, the original lively streets became empty. Initially, everyone was nervous, but not very afraid, because no one would have thought that they ...
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