Caring and Maintenance for Raincoat

On rainy days, many people like to wear the plastic raincoat to go out, especially during riding a bike, the plastic raincoat is essential to protect people from the wind and rain. However, when it turns sunny, how to care the plastic raincoat, so that it can be worn for a long time and look good? This is related to usual caring.

If the plastic raincoat is wrinkled, please do not use an iron to iron it because the polyethylene film will melt into gel at the high temperature of 130℃. For slight wrinkle, you can unfold the raincoat and hang it on a hanger to let the wrinkle flatten gradually. For serious wrinkle, you can soak the raincoat in hot water at the temperature of 70℃~80℃ for one minute, and then dry it out, the wrinkle will also disappear. During or after soaking the raincoat, please do not pull it by hand to avoid deformation.

After using the raincoat on rainy days, please shake off the rainwater on it, and then fold it up and put it away after it dries out. Please note that do not put heavy things on the raincoat. Otherwise, after a long time, cracks will easily appear in the folding seams of the raincoat.

If the plastic raincoat is stained with oil and dirt, please put it on the table and spread it out, use a soft brush with soapy water to brush it gently, and then rinse it with water, but please do not rub it roughly. After washing the plastic raincoat, dry it in a ventilated place away from sunlight.

If the plastic raincoat is degummed or cracked, please cover a small piece of film in the cracked place, add a piece of cellophane on it, and then use an ordinary soldering iron to press quickly (please note that the heat time should not last too long).

The above is the key points on caring and maintenance for raincoat briefly listed by Shijiazhuang Sanxing Garment Co., Ltd.. Hope they are helpful!


Post time: Feb-18-2023